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Dec 5, 2015
NRW - Episode 20: Attack of the Trailers!

Before we take a Christmas Break, Bryan, Ryan G, Ryan A, and Lacho discuss the newest trailers for the big 3 blockbuster films: Star Wars, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Superman V Batman.

Enjoy The Show!

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Nov 22, 2015
NRW - Episode 19: Ladies Love Negan!

What's Up Everyone!?

We hope you all are gettin ready for the holidays and having a good time. Speaking of good times, Ryan A and Bryan got together to give you an episode where we talk about Why Ladies Love Jeffery Dean Morgan, Jessica Jones, and Mariah Carey as Commissioner Gordon!?!

Find out what it's all about in this week's episode! 

Enjoy the show!

Nov 18, 2015
NRW - Episode 18: The After-Halloween Show!

First of all, we wanted to say Thank You to all of our fans who came to see us on Halloween at The Brat Stop for Fridayween. You Guys Rock!

In this week's episode we talk about all the stuff you love, an Arkham Knight Trilogy, Doctor Strange begins shooting, and Negan being cast for the Walking Dead!

Since we missed telling you guys why we love Halloween, we made our Big Talk about out Top 5 Horror Films and why we love them!

Thanks for listening as always!

Oct 30, 2015
NRW - Episode 17: TV, Apes, and Way Too Much Star Wars!

Happy Pre-Halloween! (Because apparently thats a real thing now)

This week we get Ryan A, Sean, Ryan G, and even Macho Lacho together to get into all the things you guys love before we head to our 1st Live Show! (Be sure to check us out at The Brat Stop's event Fridayween!)

In this episode we talk about the contenders for Gambit's new director, that trippy Jessica Jones trailer, Planet of The Apes sequel news, and a whole lot of DCTV recaps and DC movie news!

We had a lot of fun in this episode and we know you will too! 


Oct 27, 2015
Thirty Minutes Of Life - Episode 1: Dating In A Nerdy World

We did it! A New Show!

This is 30 Minutes of Life! A new show where the Nerd Rage Podcast crew brings on friends and guests to spend 30 Minutes talking about any and all topics in the world today. Nothing is off limits!

This week we're very lucky to have our guest Orie Enav of Project Dragonfruit to talk about his Geek Dating Website as well as relationships in general!

You only have 30 minutes. So please, spend it with us

Oct 24, 2015
NRW - Episode 16: All About Superman Special! Feat. Greg Miller

Up in your headphones! It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, It's the Nerd Rage Podcast Superman Special!

Who doesn't love Superman!? The Man of Steel! The Man of Tomorrow!

Much like our previous Batman special, we delve into all the things that have made Superman into the grandfather of superheroes and why he's lasted for over 75 years! In this episode we're talking about the big blue boyscout with the one and only Greg Miller of Kinda Funny and Sean from the show!

Sit back and enjoy!

Oct 21, 2015
NRW - Episode 15: Back to the Future of the Present

It's the episode that's 30 years in the making! (Nah, not really!)

This week we give you all the nerd news you love! Marvel makes some big changes, we're getting a Friday the 13th Video Game, and there's a whole lotta DC TV talk!

Our "Big Topic" for the week is, (you guessed it) Back To The Future!

Since 10/21/2015 is the year Marty goes into the future, we talk about what's become real, and what's still a pipe dream.

We had a lot of fun with this episode and we know you will too!


Oct 12, 2015
NRW - Episode 14: NYCC and the Return of TV!

What a weekend! So much news, yet so little time!

As you may know, it was New York Comic Con this week! As with most major conventions, there was a lot revealed and we discuss it here!

This week was also Ryan G's birthday on the show, and we let him give us his review on The Green Inferno from Eli Roth. On top of that, this week's Big Topic is Ridley Scott's films, and his legacy, as we review The Martian!

So sit back and relax as we go through quite a bit on this one with a lot of laughs!

Sep 29, 2015
NRW - Episode 12: The Return of Hayden Christensen?

What is this World coming to!? Hayden Christensen is coming back to Star Wars? Red Tornado is a Football Player? Prometheus is getting more than 1 sequel!?

...And that's just the tip of the iceberg! It's all here!

(This week our Big Topic is "Are we getting too many Superhero Shows?")


Sep 28, 2015
NRW - Episode 13: All About Batman Special!

Did someone say Batman Day??? In honor of over 75 years of the Caped Crusader, we at the show thought we'd bring together the whole crew for all-out Batman Spectacular!


Ryan A, Bryan, Ryan G, and even birthday boy Sean go into what makes Batman such an interesting character, and we hope you'll enjoy some new Bat-Themed music through the show!

Enjoy the Bat-Talk!

Sep 25, 2015
NRW - Episode 11: Booster Gold in, Rupert Wyatt out???

Happy Friday Guys! We got a whole mess of news that you can use this week! In this episode we talk about The Booster Gold/Blue Beetle Teamup film, Kate Mara's thoughts on F4, and what the heck is going on with that Gambit film!?

So as always, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

(Our "Big Topic" this week is "Superhero Films You've Always Wanted To See".)

Sep 18, 2015
NRW - Episode 10: Modern Horror Films and The Marvel Shakeup!

Hey Guys! We. Are. Back! After dealing with a bit of bug that'd been going around these last couple of weeks we thought we'd give you a jam-packed episode of what you may have missed these past couple of weeks! 

In this episode we talk about just about everything: The Feige/Marvel Shakeup, Wes Craven, Zod's "Flippers", New Films, and of course our Big Topic, "The Current State of Horror Films".

It's all here! Sit back and enjoy!

(Look out for a couple new episodes this Monday Morning)

Aug 28, 2015
UotO - Episode 2: Video Games and their Impact

We brought it back! Back by popular demand, we have an All New Underwear on the Outside episode for your listening pleasure!

It should be no surprise that we enjoy our fair share of video games. Thats why we spend this episode telling you guys about our personal favorites (old and new) that are worth checking out.

Sit back and enjoy this one! (We get pretty goofy here)

Aug 20, 2015
NRW - Episode 9: D23 and Everything Between (Part 2)

Let's Keep this Ball Rolling! Here's Part 2 of All Things D23!

In Part 2 we focus on the Disney/Pixar Films and get into some serious Star Wars Talk!

Aug 19, 2015
NRW - Episode 9: D23 and Everything Between (Part 1)

What a Week! More Castings! Bryan Returns! D23! ...and we received a cease and decist about Star Wars...

It's all here! So sit back and enjoy! (Look for Part 2 on Thursday)

Aug 8, 2015
NRW - Episode 8: Deadpool and The Fantastic Fail of the Fantastic 4

We heard you guys loud and clear about Deadpool and the new Fantastic Four film, so this week we give you all the nerd news and castings you love to hear, plus we go deep into the 2 most talked about films this week.


Special thanks to the Cast of the new film CICADA! and our special guest this week Dylan! 

Jul 27, 2015
NRW - Episode 7: The Podcast Awakens

Hello out there to our nerd rage universe! We know what a drag mondays can be, so we put together a nice little show this week that you can even listen to during a lunch break!

This week we have Bryan back on the show and talk about everything! New castings! New Trailers! Shannara!  And our big topic, our review of Ant-Man and thoughts on Marvel's upcoming D23 Expo!

Jul 20, 2015
NRW - Episode 6: Return of the Podcast

Hey everyone! It's been an awesome week with tons of fallout from last week's Comic Con! This week we discuss all of the fun insanity of the comic book world that you've come to expect from the show, as well as some lively discussions about BatmanVSuperman, Suicide Squad, our thoughts on Age of Apocolypse, and some recent castings!

As always, sit back, relax, and listen in as we give you another great show and throw in a surprise or 2 at the end!

Jul 13, 2015
NRW - Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Comic Con (DC Edition)

Whew! 3 episodes in 1 Day! We saved the best for last! After a pretty crazy Comic Con this year, we manage to give you a solid hour of all things DC here for your listening enjoyment. If you had the pleasure of listening to all 3 episodes from today, we salute you and want you to know, we saved the best for last!

We had a lot of fun here and wanna thank you as always for liking and supporting the show. Cheers to you!

Jul 13, 2015
 NRW - Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Comic Con (Marvel Edition)

Hey Guys! Comic Con was this weekend and boy was it awesome! Ryan and Bryan are back to butt heads and tell you all the things you need to know about the upcoming slate of all things Marvel. Check this one out, we know you'll love it!


Jul 8, 2015
Nerd Rage Weekly - Episode 4: Ant-Man! (and a Mexican Superman?)

Hey Guys! 4 Episodes in and we just decided to have fun with this one! We cover everything here, Bryan Singer, The Simpsons, Agent Carter, Justice League, and even a debate over a Mexican or a Canadian Superman that's definitely worth a listen.

Also, this is our first 3-man Show! We hope to do more of these!

If you have any thoughts or opinions for the show, email us at

(Look for our big Comic Con 2 parter airing this weekend!)

Jul 4, 2015
Underwear on the Outside - Episode 1: All Things Star Wars!

Check out our New Show!

This is Underwear On The Outside, where we poke fun of the many things in pop culture that just don't make sense. This week we talk Star Wars! The past, the present, and the future, it's all here! Have a listen! (With special guest Ryan Gauthier)

Jun 29, 2015
Nerd Rage Weekly - Episode 3: Here He Comes, Spiderman!

Episode 3! We really get the ball rolling here! We cover Green Lantern, Ant-Man, The Ghostbusters Reboot, Gambit, Fantastic 4, and our big topic the upcoming Spiderman film!

Enjoy the show!


Jun 28, 2015
Nerd Rage Weekly - Episode 2: Suicide Squad and So Much More!

We're back for Round 2! This week we give you more nerd news and discuss all things Suicide Squad! Download, Listen, and tell your friends!

Jun 28, 2015
Nerd Rage Weekly - Episode 1: The All-New, All Different Marvel!

We are up and running! We are The Nerd Rage Podcast and we'll be sending you shows week after week to quench your thirst of all things Nerdy! Check out the 1st show and be ready for more!